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It all starts with an idea, a dream or a project, and if you are reading us, it is almost certain that making your own cheese has ever occurred to you, in which case you will find the course you are looking for, whatever be your profile.

We’ll look for the type of cheese or dairy product you want to make at home, on your farm, or in your small factory.

Are you attracted to the idea?

Course content

We prepare cheese-making courses in which we will learn to master the basic elaborations of cheese-making:

  • Dairy precipitation
  • Enzymatic coagulations
  • Pressed pasta
  • Cooked pasta
  • Spinning pasta
  • Mixed coagulations
  • Lactic coagulations

We will understand the basics of milk microbiology to obtain the milk that our idea requires.

Our courses are the result of the experience we have had in the last 15 years in the agri-food and cheese sector.